Rainbow 'Minis'


Little but loud, our 'Minis' are an explosion of happy colour and shine!!! Bringing together all our favourite materials into one fun piece, these little pops of sparkle are the baby version of our Rainbow SunCatchers!

Completely customisable, each ring is mosaiced with shiny mirror tiles and then grouted. The grout is painted in a bright rainbow colour and the mirror tiles cleaned and polished. Beaded with crystal and wooden beads, the result is an eye-catching piece your windows (or tree branches) will love!

Size and Length
- 80mm (8cm) Ring Diameter
- 30mm (3cm) Crystal Ball
- 360mm (36cm) Beaded Strand
- 440mm (44cm) Total Length
- (Steel S-hook included with every Mini)

How To Order:
1 - Choose your Ring Colour from the drop down menu
2 - At the Checkout, leave a note to let us know your Strand Selection
3 - If you have a specific request, send us a message to discuss!

**Please Note - Our Rainbow Minis are able to tolerate the outdoors however exposure to the elements over time will reduce their longevity and may result in fading of the coloured beads**