Rainbow SunCatchers

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The beauty of a rainbow isn't always available, especially in the warmer months but our Rainbow Sun Catchers help fill the world with a little colour until the next downpour!

Measuring 34cm across, these beautiful designs can lighten up a corner of your world inside or out.

There are seven rings in total, each separated by a glass crystal bead OR brown wooden bead (please let us know which bead you would prefer in the notes section at checkout), which enable each ring to move individually in a 360 degree circle. In the middle are three glass crystals to reflect the sun and centre the catcher.

Each Sun Catcher has a loop at the top and is easily hung from a hook in the ceiling, wall or even a tree branch! Babies and young children love to watch the contrasting colours and shapes too making it a perfect addition to a nursery.

We can also colour your rainbow in reverse with the outside rings starting at the purple end of the spectrum. Just let us know in the 'Message' section at checkout if this is your preference!

Please note: While our Sun Catchers arrive stained and/or sealed and able to tolerate the outdoors, exposure to the elements over time will reduce the longevity of the product.