Custom made wooden letters with a coating of fine or chunky glitter. We use quality glue to cover the top of each letter in sparkly glitter but leave the sides as natural wood, a beautiful contrast of twinkle and warmth! We lightly seal the top once dry to prevent any flake loss to ensure your letters maintain their sparkle and shine!

Add a little sparkle to your little ones space using our custom made wooden letters! They look great as a shelf display or you can arrange them on any wall or door simply using Blu-Tac or 3M adhesive! Or create your own themed letters to add to your next party table!

Different fonts vary the size of each letter but a rough guide is between 10-13cm high. This is for capital letters, with following letters slightly smaller.

Choose your Font from the drop down menu and then just let us know your Colours/Letters/Glitter Preference in the 'Notes' section at the checkout. If you would like your letters freestanding, please also let us know this so we can use a thicker wood to cut them out of.